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Tall Girls vs Short Girls

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Being a woman who, in any significant way, deviates from the norm of what is considered "beautiful" or "feminine" is harder. And one of the more common deviations from the ideal of femininity is being very tall, particularly when you're not model-thin. We've all seen very tall girls hunched over, pulling awkwardly at their clothes, or generally looking hyper-aware of the fact that they're taller than most of the guys around them — and hyper-aware that most of the guys probably aren't comfortable with it.

I asked her six big questions about beauty and femininity, and got some brutal truths in response. What is dating like as a tall girl?

Do you feel that it hinders you, or that you are perceived in a certain way? I make an effort to seem more feminine and less intimidating, and have even caught myself having a more high-pitched voice on first dates and I ALWAYS wear flats on a first date, even if the guy is tall. And sometimes they can be flattering like "I love a tall girl," but a lot of times they're just totally weird.

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And the guys who are shorter than me often just avoid me entirely, because they don't want the socially shameful aspect of it. Honestly, I have dated guys a few inches shorter than me and didn't mind, but they definitely seemed to judge me based on it and be less comfortable than I was. So if I want a guy who.



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